Department of Zoology


Department of Zoology has always played leading role in academic and extracurricular activities of the university. The department has well equipped laboratories with latest facilities with highly qualified and well trained and experienced, enthusiastic and devoted faculty members. The teaching has been carried out through multimedia along with different tactics like activities, group discussion etc.


The vision of Department of Zoology, GCUH is to develop excellence in Animal Science education, research, community and environmental service. Capacity building of students and promoting Animal conservation and ethics in the Modern Era.


The department of education is committed to equip the prospective teachers and educationists with the up-to-date pedagogical and research skills and disposition to enable them to keep the pace with an ever-changing world.

1- To develop excellence in educating students about foundation of Animal world.

2- To impart skills in applied aspect of Zoology

3- To develop attitude in student to serve community and environment.

4- To develop technical manpower for research and commercialization.

5- To conserve Animal and Nature.

Proposed Academic Programs

BS 4-year Program (Currently offering)

BS 4-year Program in Microbiology (Click here to download Syllabus)

MS/M.Phil. Program

PhD Program

Faculty Members
Prof. Dr. Abdul Manan Shaikh
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Professor & Chairman
Dr. Bhojoo Mal
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Associate Professor
Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Memon
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Assistant Professor
Mr. Dhani Bux Mashori
Assistant Professor
Dr. Aiman Amur
Dr. Bakhtawar Soomro

Faculty Members (Microbiology)
Asim Patrick
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Abdul Sami Dahiri

Supporting Staff
Senior Lab Assistant
Badruddin Bhatti
Laboratory Assistant
Muhammad Arif
Laboratory Assistant


Semester -I

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours COURSE CATEGORY
ENG-3101 Functional English-I 3cr. COMPULSORY
PAK-3103 Pakistan Studies 2cr. COMPULSORY
MAT-3105 Elementary Mathematics 3cr COMPULSORY
BOT-3121 Botany –I 2cr. GENERAL
BOT-3122L Botany –I (LAB) 1cr GENERAL
CHE-3123 Chemistry-I 2cr GENERAL
CHE-3124L Chemistry-I (LAB) 1cr GENERAL
ZOO-3141 Animal Diversity-I (Invertebrates) 3 FOUNDATION
ZOO-3142L Animal Diversity-I (Invertebrates) (LAB) 1 FOUNDATION
TOTAL 18cr

Semester -II

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours COURSE CATEGORY
ENG-3207 Functional English-II 3cr. COMPULSORY
ISL-3209 ETH-3209 Islamiyat/Ethics 2cr COMPULSORY
BOT-3225 Botany –II 2cr. GENERAL
BOT-3226L Botany –II (LAB) 1cr GENERAL
CHE-3227 Chemistry-II 2 GENERAL 2cr. GENERAL
CHE-3228L Chemistry-II (LAB) 1cr. GENERAL
ZOO-3243 Animal Diversity-II (Chordates) 3cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3244L Animal Diversity-II (Chordates) (LAB) 1cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3245 Cell Biology 2cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3246L Cell Biology (LAB) 1cr. FOUNDATION
TOTAL 18cr

Semester -III

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours COURSE CATEGORY
ENG-3311 Functional English-III 3cr. COMPULSORY
COM-3313 Introduction to Information & Computer Technology 2cr. COMPULSORY
COM-3314L Introduction to Information & Computer Technology (LAB) 1cr. COMPULSORY
BOT-3329 Botany-III 2cr. GENERAL
BOT-3330L Botany-III (LAB) 1cr. GENERAL
CHE-3331 Chemistry-III 2cr. GENERAL
CHE-3332L Chemistry-III (LAB) 1cr. GENERAL
SSC-3333 Social Sciences 2 GENERAL
ZOO-3347 Animal Form & Function –I 3 FOUNDATION
ZOO-3348L Animal Form & Function –I (LAB) 1cr. FOUNDATION
TOTAL 18cr

Semester -IV

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours COURSE CATEGORY
ENG-3415 Functional English-IV 3cr. COMPULSORY
PSY-3435 GEO-3435 Psychology/Geography Etc. 2cr GENERAL
ZOO-3449 Biochemistry-I 2cr. 2FOUNDATION
ZOO-3450L Biochemistry-I (LAB) 1cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3451 Animal Form & Function-II 3cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3452L Animal Form & Function-II (LAB) 1cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3461 Animal Behavior 3 MAJOR
ZOO-3463 Biological Technique 1cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3464L Biological Technique (LAB) 2cr. MAJOR
TOTAL 18cr

Semester -V

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours COURSE CATEGORY
ZOO-3553 Economic Zoology 2cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3554L Economic Zoology (LAB) 1cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3555 Biochemistry-II 2cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3556L Biochemistry-II (LAB) 1cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3557 Evolution 2cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3565 Physiology 3cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3566L Physiology (LAB) 1cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3567 Ecology 2cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3568L Ecology (LAB) 1cr. MAJOR
TOTAL 15cr.

Semester -VI

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours COURSE CATEGORY
ZOO-3659 Principles of Systematics 2cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3660L Principles of Systematics (LAB) 1cr. FOUNDATION
ZOO-3669 Research Methodology 2cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3671 Developmental Biology 3cr. MAJOR
ZO0-3672L Developmental Biology (LAB) 1cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3673 Genetics 3cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3674L Genetics (LAB) 1cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3675 Wildlife 2cr. MAJOR
Z00-3676L Wildlife (LAB) 1cr. MAJOR
TOTAL 16cr

Semester -VII

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours COURSE CATEGORY
ZOO-3717 Biostatistics 2cr. COMPULSORY
ZOO-3718L Biostatistics (LAB) 1cr. COMPULSORY
ZOO-3777 Molecular Biology 2cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3778L Molecular Biology (LAB) 1cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3700 Thesis (Research Project) 3cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3791 Biotechnology 2cr. ELECTIVE
ZOO-3792L Biotechnology (LAB) 1cr. ELECTIVE
ZOO-3795 Para-1,/Ento-1/Endo-1/Ebio-1/WCBio-1 2 ELECTIVE
ZOO-3796L Para-1,/Ento-1/Endo-1/Ebio-1/WCBio-1 (LAB) 1cr. ELECTIVE
TOTAL 15cr

Semester -VIII

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours COURSE CATEGORY
ZOO-3879 Bioinformatics 2cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3879 Bioinformatics 2cr MAJOR
ZOO-3879 Bioinformatics 2cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3880L Bioinformatics (LAB) 1cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3881 Immunology 2cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3882L Immunology (LAB) 1cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3883 Zoogeography & Paleontology 2cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3884L Zoogeography & Paleontology (LAB) 1cr. MAJOR
ZOO-3893 Para- II,/Ento- II /Endo- II /Ebio- IIWCBio– II 2cr. ELECTIVE
ZOO-3894L Para- II,/Ento- II /Endo- II /Ebio- IIWCBio– II -(LAB) 1cr. ELECTIVE
ZOO-3897 Vector Biology 2cr. ELECTIVE
ZOO-3898L Vector Biology (LAB) 1cr. ELECTIVE
TOTAL 15cr.