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It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to one of the most historic educational institutions of the country, GC University Hyderabad. For over a century this institute in capacity of a Degree College has produced amazing talent and contributed to community development. Now, being given university status in 2018, this institute has duly been recognized by the Government and a whole new avenue of development has been opened up for the students as well as the faculty. It is a matter of pride for me, especially as a female, to be the maiden Vice Chancellor of the first public sector university in Hyderabad. Taking pride in the history, culture and achievements of this institute, the GC University Hyderabad will now aim for excellence on the canvas of Higher Education and lead through research, innovation, technology, collaboration and quality teaching-learning. The GC University Hyderabad campus has all the necessary facilities and resources available to enable our students to learn, innovate, excel and compete at the highest level with the amazing team of GC University Hyderabad leaving no stones unturned to deliver their best for the development of our students. With the support of the Government and with a focus on continuous improvement and a fresh outlook, GC University Hyderabad aims to become one of the best Public Sector Higher Education Institutions of the region in times to come.

Prof. Dr. Tayyaba Zarif
Vice Chancellor
GC University Hyderabad