Department of Urdu


Urdu is an international language which is not only spoken in Indo-Pak but getting popular in every part of the world as well.

Our father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam declared it as our national language In all three constitutions of the country (1956, 1962 and 1973) it has been declared as National language of the country.

Implementation of Urdu as official language of the country in accordance with 1973 constitution is still pending.

On October 01,1917 Government college HYD came into being, in 1956 Department of Urdu came into. Being, this department has been headed by great teachers like Prof. Dr. Asif Jah Karwani, Prof. Mushtaque Ahmed, Prof. Hyder Ali, Pof. Dr. Ahmed Hussain AhmerRifai, Prof. Iqtadar Ali Khan, Prof. Manzar Hussain Khayal Jafri, Prof. Mumtaz Kareem Siddiqui, Prof. NaseeburRehman, Prof. WasiqurRehman Sabir and Prof. Dr. Shah Anjum Bukhari so far.

The college is successfully offering Postgraduate classes in Urdu literature since 1990 ، magazine Phuleli published by Urdu department has been very popular among readers

Urdu Department has been playing a leading role in Literary society Bazm-e-Adab formed under supervision of Urdu, Sindhi and English Departments since its inception.

Events on literary luminaries like Mushaira, Speech Competition, Debates, Dramas, Essay Competition, National Songs and Quiz Competition have been organized under this society

Poetic recitation ceremonies, Speech and debate competitions,Plays, Essay writing competition, national songs singing competition and quiz programmes held by Bazm e Adab are still remembered.

Vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Tayyaba Zarif realized the importance of Urdu language and literature and decided to establish department of Urdu and issued directives to this inscriber to complete homework for said purpose.

In a syndicate meeting presided over by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Tayyaba Zarif held on July 05 2023 formation of department of Urdu was formally approved.


To play a vital role in the development of the society through language, literature, culture and traditions.


Character building of the individuals through motivational and self-motivational practices.

General Objectives:

(1) Preparing teachers especially Intermediate and University level teachers.

(2) Preparing language and literature experts to help and meet needs of various organizations.

(3) Preparing media persons specially literarian media persons.

(4) Preparing translators.

Source of Employments:

(1)Teaching (National & Foreign)

(2) Print & Electronics Media

(3) Translation

(4) Research

(5) Creative Writing

Academic Programs Currently Offering

BS Urdu (4 Years)

Student can obtain Associate Degree (AD) on successful completion of first two years.

Proposed Academic Programs

BS Urdu (Evening)

BS Urdu (Linguistic)

MS / MPhil Urdu

Ph.D Urdu

Faculty Members
Mr. Hassan Rashid
Incharge Chairman