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The Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) at the Government College University, Hyderabad was set up and told by Higher Education Commission (HEC) in January 2020. This is an extraordinary phase in coordinating the university’s research and academic activities. The ORIC office inspires the Research, Innovation, and Commercialization culture integration among universities, Industry, and Civil Society. Staff can commercialize their research work to the business to support the country which will foster a dependable relationship for future mutual benefit. Industry can use the tremendous assets like logical instruments and the thoroughly prepared personnel and scientists to take care of their concerns and new advances can likewise be created through the use of native materials. We at ORIC are welcoming all corporate and social areas to hold hands with us for a superior coordinated methodology towards the improvement of the country. Territorial and global associations are additionally free to make joint exploration programs to assist the local area overall.

We are marking a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with various associations/universities with the goal to achieve substantial research propositions for joint research ventures and taking care of modern issues through the specialists accessible at the university who have many years of involvement with their particular preparation and research. You can contact our office for additional information and conversations which will work with the cycle for shared participation and combination.

About ORIC

HEC aims to create and keep a dynamic and Internationally competitive research area in Pakistan that will make a huge commitment to financial and economic success, state and nation wellbeing, and the development and spread of information in association with the latest research terminology. The advancement of research is one of the main key destinations of the HEC. Through the program sent off by HEC and the drives to reinforce the research cycle and cognizance, the research quality and result of universities and organizations in the nation showed incredible exaltations, and Pakistan was perceived as a rising star in an assortment of research disciplines by rate expansion in internationally cited to research publications.

Notwithstanding, this is just the end of a start, and we should keep up with and work on this pattern, yet additionally think about issues of financial, social, and scholarly pertinence and effect on the research sector. To accomplish this objective, HEC has begun to coordinate the research exercises of HEIs/universities and guarantee the presence of a grounded and completely working ORIC (Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization). ORIC will offer key strategic and functional support to the University's research section activities/programs and will assume a focal part in propelling the University's research outcomes.


As per the course of action of HEC and in pursuance of Vice Chancellor's Directives for streamlining the organization of Research Initiatives and Programs, there was a need to re-maintain the flow of Research and Development Center beforehand working at Government College University, Hyderabad for supporting and also improving the trends of research activities impact to further develop areas concerning to economic, industrial, social and academic development and their accelerated types of progress for achieving the public objectives.


To strengthen and promote research culture in GCUH and in connection with the industry with the university which would support and momentum up the course of creation and dispersion of knowledge that would serve the goal of the foundation of HEI.

Aims of ORIC-GCUH:

• To promote high-quality research that classifies as among the best research-oriented HEIs.

• To provide strategic and operational support to the institute's research activities/program, and to have a central role in facilitating the research outcomes.

• To strengthen university-industry linkage through ORIC.

• Providing support to the students and faculty in their research.

• To apply the research practically in order to improve the economy of the country.

• To develop partnerships with universities to form joint research ventures.

• To work out for the publication of the research work carried out in the university.

• To promote entrepreneurship, technology transfer, and commercialization activities that energize and support the local and national economy.

• Improve the hiring and retention of top faculty.

Key Functions of ORIC-GCUH:

• To work under the directions of HEC.

• Conduct two meetings a year with HEC.

• Identifying and informing the faculty about the research grants opportunities for them to apply and then assist them in acquiring funds from international and national funding agencies.

• To keep track of all the research carried out in the university by faculty and staff and then commercialize the relevant research to reap maximum benefit for the industry and therefore translating the research into the public benefit.

• To deal with plagiarism cases and to advance an anti-plagiarism culture via powerful software for detecting plagiarism i.e., Turnitin.

• Arranging seminars and workshops for the university’s students and faculty.



  • Promote research culture in all departments of GCUH

  • Represent the FUI's interests in research and development.

  • Manage databases for research and development, which is essential to undertake important analyses.

  • Compile/ analyze databases for the purpose of ORIC as well as university ranking.

  • Disseminate information to the FUI campuses on research and development, and related funding opportunities.

  • Identify research opportunities for faculty members and students.

  • Facilitate faculty to apply for both internal and external research grants.

  • Provide legal, administrative and financial management support for research grants.

  • Process applications of faculty and students for travel grants from HEC and GCUH

  • Support commercialization, licensing etc. of the university research products.

  • Encourage publishing of the campus/faculty/departmental research journals.

  • Develop liaison with the funding agencies.

  • Identify new ways and opportunities of collaborations.

  • Encourage University-Industry linkages.

  • Arrange and organize Training and Development programs.

  • To provide assistance and guidance to the faculty members and PhD scholars in their research projects, ORIC is responsible to interact with the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad and other funding agencies.

Contact Us:

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan

Ph.D in Economics
Email: [email protected]
Cell: +92-334-1369578
Our Team
Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan
  • Designation: Director ORIC
  • Phone: 0334-1369578

Dr. Tahira Qureshi
  • Designation: Research Manager ORIC
Dr. Shahnawaz Mangi
  • Designation: Research Manager ORIC
Mr. Shoaib Shaikh
  • Designation: Assistant ORIC