Department of Mathematics


Mathematics is a key subject in almost all disciplines of natural and social sciences. It offers diversified courses for all departments of the university. Beside running its own four year’sbachelors degree program i.e. BS (Mathematics).


To attain excellence in teaching Mathematics at graduate and post graduate level students in such a way that it will not only help them to obtain a promising career but also they are able to serve the society.


1- To provide a strong foundation of Mathematics through variety of courses offered by the department for all disciplines of the university.

2- To provide students a solid background of mathematics with the aim of producing mathematicians, who can use mathematics for the development of society.

3- To develop research facilities and establishing an inspiring environment for research in core areas of Mathematics.

4- To encourage students as well as faculty members to achieve their maximum potential.


After completion of degree in Mathematics, our graduates

Implementation of the HEC assessment procedures to ensure quality standards for the promotion of academic and research excellence.

To develop tangible feedback mechanism and carrying out multidimensional analysis of each academic and research programs to ensure the quality assurance for further improvements in policy standards.

Faculty Members
Dr. Kamran Malik
Associate Professor & Chairman
Dr.Mushtaque Shaikh
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Mr. Muhammad Aslam Ansari
Assistant Professor
Mr. Khalid Hussain
Sabia Noor
Mr. Muhammad Saleem Laghari
Teaching Assistant
Mr. Muhammad Ashrat Ali
Teaching Assistant

Semester -I

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours
PST-3103 Pakistan Studies 2cr
ENG-3101 English -1 (Functional English) 3cr.
MATH-3141 Mathematics A-1(Number System and Algebra) 3cr
MATH-3167 Mathematics B-I(Statistics and Probability) 3cr.
PHY-3123 Physics –I Mechanics 3cr
PHY-3124L Physics lab -I 1cr
TOTAL 15cr

Semester -II

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours
ISE-3209 Islamiat /Ethics 2cr.
ENG-3207 English-II(Academic Reading and Writing) 3cr
MATH-3243 Mathematics A-II(Calculus & Fourier Series) 3cr.
MATH-3263 Mathematics B-II(Statics & Dynamics) 3cr
PHY-3227 Physics –II Heat & Thermodynamics 3cr.
PHY-3228L Physics lab -II 1cr.
TOTAL 15cr

Semester -III

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-3311 English-III(Communication Skills) 3cr.
PHY-3335 Physics –III Modern physics 3cr
PHY-3336L Physics lab -III 1cr.
COMP-3313 Computer (Introduction and Applications) 2cr.
COMP-3314L Computer (Introduction and Applications) 1cr.
MATH-3345 Mathematics A-III (Differential Equation And Vector Analysis) 3cr.
MATH-3365 Mathematics B-III(Geometry & number theory) 3cr.
TOTAL 16cr

Semester -IV

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-3415 English-IV(English For Practical Aims) 3cr.
PHY-3427 Physics –IV Electricity & Magnetism 3cr
PHY-3428L Physics lab -IV 1cr.
MATH-3447 Mathematics A-IV(Set Toplogy And Theory of Equations) 3cr.
MATH-3467 Mathematics B-IV(Linear Algebra) 3cr.
MATH-3469 Numerical Methods And Difference Equation 3cr.
TOTAL 16cr

Semester -V

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-3571 Real Analysis-I 3cr.
MATH-3549 Algebra-I 3cr.
MATH-3551 Complex Analysis 3cr.
MATH-3573 Differential Equation 3cr.
MATH-3553 Differential Geometry 3cr.
TOTAL 15cr.

Semester -VI

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-3675 Real Analysis-II 3cr.
MATH-3655 Algebra-II 3cr.
MATH-3691 Measure Theory 3cr.
MATH-3693 Algebraic Topology 3cr.
MATH-3677 Numerical Analysis-I 3cr.
TOTAL 15cr

Semester -VII

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-3795 Analytical Dynamics 3cr.
MATH-3779 Functional Analysis 3cr.
MATH-3781 Mathematical Statistics and Probability 3cr.
MATH-3757 Rings & Fields 3cr.
MATH-3783 Numerical Analysis-II 3cr.
MATH-3785 Operational Research
TOTAL 15cr

Semester -VIII

Course ID Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-3897 Methods of Mathematical Physics 3cr.
MATH-3899 Optimization Techniques 3cr
MATH-3887 Tensor and Advanced Differential Geometry 3cr.
MATH-3889 Numerical Solution of P.D.E 3cr.
MATH-3859 Integral Equations 3cr.
MATH-3890 Comprehensive Viva Voce
TOTAL 15cr.