Department of Education


The Department of Education envisions empowering its stockholders with the state-of-the-art approaches, cutting edge methodologies and modern teaching strategies based on advanced research and technologies to overcome the future challenges at local and global levels.


The department of education is committed to equip the prospective teachers and educationists with the up-to-date pedagogical and research skills and disposition to enable them to keep the pace with an ever-changing world.

Objectives of the program.

The department of education is committed to materializing following objectives:

1- To produce well-trained and skilled future teachers and educationists

2- To give an exposure to the prospective teachers to the advanced teaching approaches, methodologies, and techniques

3- To provide an opportunity to the prospective teachers through 'hands on' approach

4- To establish a link between theory and practice through real field experiences

5- To sensitize the students towards the educational and learning needs of the modern times

6- To establish linkage between industry and academia

Goals of the Department

To inspire the larger group of talented and competent individuals to opt for teaching profession.

1.To connect teacher education to the demands of secondary schools in the province by equipping graduates with knowledge and skills for highly effective professional roles.

2. To produce competent teachers who:

• Possess the teaching skills and pedagogy required for secondary schools.

• Use critical thinking skills and reflective practices to understand the students according to their age and capabilities.

• Communicate effectively, work in a team and possess basic leadership skills

• Demonstrate professional ethics and moral responsibilities as a secondary school teacher.

• Are equipped with high level of understanding in the selected contents awarding the bachelor’s degree background.

Proposed academic plans

Education is offering B.Ed. (Hons) Elementary 4 Years Program only

In the near future we have planned to initiate:

• B.Ed. (Hons) Secondary

• B.Ed. (2.5)

• B.Ed. (1.5)


• MS/ M.Phil.

• Ph.D.

(Faculty Members)
Prof. Dr. Amjad Ali Arain
Professor & Chairman
Dr.Kamal Soomro
Assistant Professor
Dr.Abdul Nabi Gorchani
Assistant Professor
Mr. Masood Ahmed Siddiqui
Ms.Sanam Memon
Ms.Syeda Sumbul Shah