Department of Computer Science


Department of Computer Science has always played leading role in academic and extracurricular activities of the university. The department has well equipped laboratories with latest facilities with highly qualified and well trained and experienced, enthusiastic and devoted faculty members. The teaching has been carried out through multimedia along with different tactics like activities, group discussion etc.


Our goal is to provide our student, faculty and staff with the most reliable and innovative technology to meet the needs of an ever-changing and increasingly complex world, along with the support and training necessary to use the technology effectively.


To create, share and apply knowledge of computer science in interdisciplinary areas that extend the scope of Computer Science and benefits humanity, To Educate Students to be successful, ethical and effective Problem solvers and Life long leaners who will contribute positevely to the economic wellbeing of our nation as well as for region and who are prepared to takle complex challenges facing the world in 21st century


To realize our vision we must achieve the following goals:

Undergraduate Program

The goals of our undergraduate programs are to :

(1) Teach students how to use computers effectively, creatively, and intelligently;

(2) Teach Computer Science as a multifaceted, humanistic discipline of problem solving;

(3) Provide up-to-date curriculam in the technical and scientific knowledge needed for the professional and academic goals of our students;

(4) Encourage and participate in interdisciplinary undergraduate educational opportunities at GCUH;

(5) Teach students how to acquire new knowledge, independently, in a world that changes with ever increasing rapidity;

(6) Provide students with experiential learning opportunities;

(7) Educate an increasing number of undergraduates in CS to meet the growing demands of the regional and national economy

Academic Programs

BS Computer Science (4 Years)

BS Artificial Intelligence (4 Years)

BS Data Science (4 Years)

Faculty Members
Dr. Imtiaz Ali Brohi
Mr. Tariq Hussain Jalbani
Associate Professor
Mr. Syed Sohail Ahmed Shah
Assistant Professor
Mr. Salman Qazi
Assistant Professor
Mr. Muhammad Irfan Baloch
Mr. Syed Abrar Ali Shah
Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Mughal
Miss. Pooja Kumari
Teaching Assistant
Mr. Akhtar Hussain Soomro
Muhammad Haibtullah Channa
Teaching Assistant
Miss. Sana Shaikh
Lab Assistant
Mr. Jarar Hussain
Lab Attendent


Semester - I (Credit Hours: 17)

Course ID Course Title Domain Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
CS-101 Fundamentals of Computers General 3 (2+1) None
CS-102 Programming Fundamentals Core 4 (3+1) None
ENG-101 English Composition & Comprehension General 3 (3+0) None
Calculus and Analytic Geometry (P.E)
Algebra & Elementary Trigonometry (P.M, G.S)
Math 3 (3+0) None
ISST/ETHS-101 Islamic Studies / Ethics General 2 (2+0) None
PKST-101 Pakistan Studies General 2 (2+0) None
Total Credit Hours 17

Semester - II (Credit Hours: 16)

Course ID Course Title Domain Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
CS-151 Object Oriented Programming Core 4 (3+1) CS-102
ENG-151 Communication & Presentation Skills General 3 (3+0) None
CS-152 Data Structures Core 3 (3+0) CS-102
Differential Equations & Vector Analysis (P.E)
Basic Calculus & Analytical Geometry of 2D (P.M, G.S)
Domain Support 3 (3+0) MTS-101
PHY-151 Applied Physics Math & Science-II 3 (2+1) None
Total Credit Hours 16

Semester - III (Credit Hours: 17)

Course ID Course Title Domain Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
CS-201 Digital Logic Design Domain Core-I 4 (3+1) PHY-151
MTS-201 Discrete Structures Computing Core-4 4 (3+1) None
CS-202 Software Engineering Computing Core-5 3 (3+0) None
MTS-202 Numerical Computing Domain Support-2 3 (3+0) MTS-101
CS-203 Web Engineering Domain Elective-1 3 (2+1) CS-102
Total Credit Hours 17

Semester - IV (Credit Hours: 18)

Course ID Course Title Domain Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
CS-251 Computer Organization & Assembly Language Domain Core-2 4 (3+1) CS-102
CS-252 Database Systems Computing Core-6 4 (3+1) None
CS-253 Operating Systems Computing Core-7 4 (3+1) CS-152
MGT-251 Human Resource Management University Elective-1 3 (3+0) None
Advanced Calculus & Integral Transforms (P.E)
Linear Algebra & Analytical Geometry of 3D (P.M, G.S)
Math & Science-3 3 (3+0) MTS-101
Total Credit Hours 18

Semester - V (Credit Hours: 16)

Course ID Course Title Domain Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
CS-301 Mobile Application Development Domain Elective-2 3 (2+1) CS-151
CS-302 Graph Theory Domain Support-3 3 (3+0) None
STAT-301 Probability & Statistics Math & Science-4 3 (3+0) None
MGT-301 Financial Accounting University Elective-2 3 (3+0) None
CS-303 Computer Networks Computing Core-8 4 (3+1) None
Total Credit Hours 16

Semester - VI (Credit Hours: 16)

Course ID Course Title Domain Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
CS-351 Artificial Intelligence Domain Core-3 4 (3+1) CS-152
CS-352 Design & Analysis of ALgorithms Domain Core-4 3 (3+0) CS-152
CS-353 Information Security Computing Core-9 3 (3+0) None
CS-354 Theory of Automata Domain Core-5 3 (3+0) None
CS-355 Machine Learning Domain Elective-3 3 (3+0) None
Total Credit Hours 16

Semester - VII (Credit Hours: 15)

Course ID Course Title Domain Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
CS-401 Compiler Construction Domain Core-6 3 (3+0) CS-354
CS-402 Computer Graphics Domain Elective-4 3 (3+0) Parallel & Distributed Computing
CS-403 Management Information Systems University Elective-3 3 (3+0) None
CS-404 Theory of Programming Languages Domain Support-4 3 (3+0) CS-102
CS-405 FInal Year Project-1 Computing Core-10 3 (0+3) None
Total Credit Hours 15

Semester - VIII (Credit Hours: 15)

Course ID Course Title Domain Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
CS-451 Data Mining Domain Elective-5 3 (3+0) None
CS-452 Visual Programming Domain Elective-6 3 (2+1) CS-151
CS-453 Parallel & Distributed Computing Domain Core-7 3 (3+0) CS-253
CS-454 Human Computer Interfaction Domain Elective-7 3 (3+0) None
CS-455 Final Year Project-II Computing Core-11 3 (0+3) None
Total Credit Hours 15